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Coach first – always communicate with your coach first even if your concern is with the coach. A lot of the time this will resolve the issue.


Coaching Director second – If you feel you have made the effort to communicate responsibly with your coach but been unsuccessful then contact your Age Group Coordinator.

The Club Director , age group coordinators, administrator, coaching staff, and board all support the clubs desire to compete at the highest level and be successful in every age group (boys and girls) within Cal South, Regional and National competitions, while creating an environment which allows every player to reach their true potential and enjoy the game of soccer. This is done through the excellent coaching staff, developmentally appropriate coaching curriculum and the desire to continually recruit talented young soccer players on a yearly basis. 
Player Development – Different children develop at different rates and in different areas in their lives physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Every child develops in these areas at different times (ages) and this is especially true at the younger ages.
The key to player development is touches on the ball, playing time and confidence. Santa Barbara SC practices and playing time policy ensure the first two, touches on the ball and playing time, while the Red and White team system ensures the third, confidence. Every player within the club needs to be challenged at a developmentally appropriate level because if a challenge is continually to easy then a player becomes bored and if a challenge is continually too difficult the player will become discouraged. The Red and White teams provide an environment where players receive confidence through success in their efforts while still being challenged to a level where they can make mistakes and learn from it and try it again with more success each time.
There are also transitions during a season from red to white and vice versa for these reasons. There are many stories within Santa Barbara SC of players successfully making the transition at the older ages from red to white teams due to this developmentally appropriate system.
White and red team selection is decided thorough discussions with the coaching staff of the age group and coaching director. It should be noted that although these decisions are made in the latter stages of the season, during the months of April (U9-U13) and May (U14-U19, coaches are observing the players on both teams over the entire competitive year and decisions are made based on this. New players that arrive throughout the primary ‘try-out’ months of April and May are recruited based on their ability compared to the players within the current squad that competitive year. NO players are guaranteed a place in either the white or red teams of any age group.
Santa Barbara Soccer club promotes its coaching staff to recruit all year round. That said the primary ‘try-out’ period is throughout the months of April and May, whereby players are invited to come and train with the team allowing them to get a feel for the club environment. In addition after state/national cup competitions are over, coaches are permitted to invite potential recruits to come and ‘guest play’ in one tournament, as long as the coach adheres to the playing time policy of the club for all players.
Official try-outs will be advertised and held in the month of April also.
At all other times of the year a 2 week try-out can be arranged by contacting your age group coordinator
Boys & Girls U8-U11 Greg Wilson go2playersacademy@gmail.com
Girls U12-U18 Dave Wolf dwolf@santabarbarasc.org 
Boys U12-U18 Rudy Ybarra rybarra@santabarbarasc.org 
High school soccer officially starts after thanksgiving weekend. High school season runs from December 1st to around mid February (sometimes longer depending on CIF playoffs). During that time players are not allowed (CIF rule) to participate in club soccer. Hence all teams U15-U19 stop training Dec 1st and resume around mid February.


Financial Commitment:
  • U9 & U18 = $1600
  • U10-U17 = $1800
  • $500 non-refundable Registration fee is required up front. Payment plans are available. Scholarships are also available.

The $500 non-refundable registration fee goes to pay the up front costs that the Club incurs in anticipation of the seasonal year. Field rentals, CSL and Cal South membership costs, equipment purchases, tournament fees, and operational expenses. These fees are un-recoverable for the Club which is why the registration fee is also non-refundable to families.

Time Commitment:
All families must volunteer 4hours of their time per SBSC tournament. SBSC hosts 1 Soccer tournament, 1 Club Wide Raffle and 1 Golf Tournament per year.  Player costs are actually $2200/player but because of the fundraising efforts at these events, we can subsidize the amount that families are charged annually.
  • Coaches Wages
  • Administrative Costs
  • Practice Field Costs
  • Game Field Costs
  • Referee Costs
  • League Costs (including League Cup)
  • National /State Cup Entry
  • 2 Santa Barbara Tournaments
  • 2 Additional Tournaments
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